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Biens à vendre: Développements

Our properties for sale in Montenegro


Bay View Village Project

A small village like no other

The advantage : a breathtaking 180° view of the mountains and the Bay of Kotor.

We are not talking about a simple sea view... but about VIEW ON THE SEA

with a "WHAOUH" effect as soon as you arrive in the village.

An architecture combining old and modern.


Nature, calm, respect for the environment

In the mountains, a stone's throw from the beaches of Igalo and Herceg Novi

Bay View Village consists of 8 plots of land which are located in the municipality of Zvinje next to Herceg Novi.


The  project include : 


  • Villa 1 : 2 luxury duplexes (each with 2 suites and a 3-car garage)

  • Villa 2 : 2 luxury duplexes (each with 2 suites and a 3-car garage)

  • Villa 3 : 1 suite, 2 bedrooms and a 5-car garage

  • Villa 4 : 3 duplexes (each with 2 bedrooms and a 3-car garage)

  • Villa 5 : 1 duplex with 3 bedrooms and 2 one-bedroom flats

  • Villa 6 : 1 suite, 3 bedrooms, garage and parking

  • Villa 7 : 4 two-bedroom flats

  • Villa 8 : 1 x 4 bedroom duplex and 1 x 3 bedroom duplex


Villa 7

Residence of 4 flats


Villa 2

Residence with character composed of 2 luxury duplexes combining the charm of old stones combined with contemporary design 


Residence composed of a duplex and 2 apartments with panoramic view of the Mouths of Kotor

Villa 5


Villa 1

Exceptional residence composed of

2 luxury duplexes

with rooftop swimming pool, artificial beach and breathtaking views !


Viewpoint of all flats and villas


KUCA 3 p28.png


Villa 3

Villa of 417 m²

Bay View Village


1 copy.jpg

Residence composed of 2 duplexes

(3 or 4 bedrooms)

Private terrace and swimming pool 

Villa 8


Villa 6

Authentic house with expected charm

with swimming pool, spa, sauna 

4 copy.jpg

Residence composed of 3 duplexes 

Private terrace and swimming pool 

Villa 4


Furniture Pack

The project has been designed to optimise both interior and exterior space.

All the installations are part of an environmental protection programme. 


A drinking water reserve is set up for each building in order to have 2 days of drinking water available in case of failure of the communal system.

Black water

Black water (WC, shower, sink) is all recycled through a bio septic system (new generation septic tank).


Rainwater is collected in a reservoir to be used for lawn watering.


All buildings are equipped with LED installations for indoor and outdoor lighting. Where possible, each light point is equipped with presence sensors.

Thermal insulation

All buildings are designed with thermal insulation from the outside; this reduces energy consumption.

Heating and air conditioning

All buildings are equipped with a reversible air-conditioning system in all rooms to guarantee optimum comfort. 

The plans are proposed in order to optimize the tourist rental.

Modulation is always possible before submitting the building permit.

Swimming pool

All villas include a private swimming pool, either rooftop and artificial beach, infinity pool or classic pool. They all benefit from a sea view.


All villas have the maximum number of parking spaces (outdoor or underground garage).

Top of the range

All constructions are made with top-of-the-range materials and finishes.

The project includes : 

  • Cadastral survey (already established)

  • The soil survey (already established)

  • The architect's project (interior and exterior plans)

  • Road feasibility study 

  • Feasibility study for drinking water and power grid capacity 

  • The established urbanisation authorisations UT

Please note :

  • Underground garages are not included in the living area (no tax).

  • The equipment and building permit taxes are paid.

  • All the villas and flats have been laid out in such a way as to benefit from the most beautiful view (no visual pollution).

  • Flats and villas are sold on a turnkey basis, all taxes included.

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