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Why choose to invest in Montenegro ? 

It is true that it is not always easy to make a choice when you want to invest in a property.

Investing in new? Old? Investing in France? Abroad?

What are the risks and constraints?

The rental sector in France: faced with the many problems of unpaid rent, taxation that encourages nothing, laws that are not in favor of landlords, and many other problems of all kinds...

Why not try to invest abroad, and especially in Montenegro?

I will explain everything in a few lines...

Montenegro : a tourist destination with a change of scenery, unknown for the moment and yet so close.

Proximity to France :​

  • 2 h 20 flight from Paris to Tivat or Dubrovnik ; 

  • Many French and European cities serve Montenegro; tickets range from 40 € to 180 € return 

  • 1300 kms by road from border to border (1920 kms Paris / Herceg Novi)

A Mediterranean climate

The currency : the Euro

Montenegro has experienced the strongest growth in tourism in the world in recent years.

This small country, for the moment less known than its neighbour, Croatia, is nevertheless the Eldorado for travellers in search of authenticity and traditions. 

Still very protected but revealing, for those who are looking for a little bit, many hidden treasures, Montenegro is ranked several years in a row as one of the most attractive countries to travel to by Lonely Planet.

Montenegro is set to become one of the most popular destinations.

Concerning taxation :

  • More than 5000 foreign companies registered in Montenegro (they enjoy the same rights as Montenegrin companies)

  • Investors from over 90 countries

  • Time required to register a company : - 5 days 

  • Corporate income tax : 9% (one of the most competitive in Europe)

  • Income tax : 9%.

  • Tax for pensioners : 0% for life

  • Inheritance tax : between 0 and 3%.

  • Property tax : from 0.25 to 1% of the value of the property (no housing tax)

  • Capital gains tax : 2.9% (36% in France)

  • Low labour costs

  • Low cost of doing business

  • Montenegro has so far signed 42 double tax treaties on income and property with different countries, including France.

  • The regulations are the same for domestic and foreign investors (property rights on movable and immovable property, inheritance tax).

Why choose Bay View Village located in the Herceg Novi area ?

  • Easy access to Herceg Novi, one of the most important towns in the bay

  • Close access to the bay and the Adriatic Sea

  • Close to 2 airports without the noise and visual constraints: Dubrovnik (Croatia) 27 kms away and Tivat (Montenegro) 24 kms away.

  • No stopping of cruise ships like Kotor (ephemeral tourist over-mass, by the day)

  • Various activities (beaches, cultural visits, water sports, mountain sports...) 

  • Animation and cultural development: seaside resort under development which combines "beaches / creeks", festivals, regattas and cultural visits

  • Popular spa town

  • A climate apart : humid subtropical with more than 260 days of sunshine per year (different from the rest of the bay and the country) - 14/15° in winter - 25/32° in summer.

  • Herceg Novi is connected to the rest of Montenegro by a two-lane road, the "Adriatic Highway" ("the Magistrale").

  • Land prices are still low on this side of the bay but are constantly rising.

  • A certain profitability on resale (numerous investors all around the bay).


Next to Herceg Novi is the luxurious Marina Riviera of Porto Novi with its luxury boutiques and space for magnificent yachts. 

If such investments are made in Herceg Novi's sector, it is not without reason. This sector, which was previously less popular, is becoming very buoyant. 

In addition, many visits or other sporting activities are within easy reach.

At 22 kms : Tivat

At 30 kms : Kotor

At 45 kms : Budva

At 45 kms : Dubrovnik (Croatia)

At 130 kms : Podgorica (capital)

At 162 kms : Zabljak in the mountains (access to the Tara, canyoning, rafting, hiking...)

At 185 kms : Kolasin to go down the ski slopes.

Investing is one thing...
but investing in a place that is incomparable in terms of its design and the services offered is another !

So you might as well invest... choosing a flat or villa with a swimming pool and sea view at Bay View Village is a sustainable and profitable investment because there are very few offers on the market with this living environment and this service (see programme in the "Properties for sale" tab).

And to make your life easier, we offer investors who wish to rent out their property to benefit from a management and concierge service developed by JB Concept Habitat (see details in the Services tab).

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